Monday, January 17, 2011

you want my best? That will cost ya.

I don't understand company's like Time Warner Cable. I sit and watch commercials that advertise time warner willing to give a faster internet if you are willing to upgrade. I don't get that. They have the ability to offer a faster internet correct? It's not like it will hurt them in anyway if they offer their better way, right? So why hold back? Why make you pay more for something they should just give you.

Let me ask you this. When you walk into a barber shop and get a haircut, do you expect their best? Do you expect the lady halfway thru your awkward conversation to stop and ask you..."would you like the upgraded haircut, or the regular?" What the heck are you gonna say?

If your brakes are shot on your car, you take them to the mechanic. Before he begins he doesn't say, would you like me to give you my best effort or the regular effort?

I don't say to my kids before I start a lesson, alrighty kiddo's....pass up extra apples and I'll give you a better lesson.

"Excuse me sir"

"Yeah Doc, whats going on?"

"We're getting ready to put you under for your triple by-pass, just wanted to offer you our upgrade"

"ah no thanks, I'll take the regular"

Who does that? Time Warner. So I don't understand it. Yeah it's money...blah blah....give me your best, why? Just because.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Are you a fan of chips? Do you get immense satisfaction out of a good potato chip? Look no further than the home grown glory of the marcelled goodness, Ballreich's. You thought Tiffin, OH was only known for producing "yours truly" .....oh but don't forget the chip of all chips. They have many flavors, but the best are the two you see above. The BBQ is to die for, I have a hunch that these were used as currency in the early 1800's. The original are also amazing but I prefer the BBQ, my brother prefers the salt n vinegar, and I used to always eat the Sour Cream and Onion. The chip plant is on Ohio Ave. in Tiffin, OH, you typically could only buy them in town.....Here's the best news for those that do not live in the fine metropolis in Northwest Ohio...they are now in Central Ohio and other parts. I have personal knowledge you can find them in almost all the Kroger's now in Columbus and surrounding areas. I dare you to go out and buy one bag and pretend you won't buy another. Try it. This tuesday is the OSU bowl game, pick up a bag of Ballreich's and enjoy a good game of pigskin with even better potato chips. If you don't love them, I won't buy you a bag of your own, but I'll just be shocked.