Friday, May 28, 2010


Each year at this time, thousands and thousands of kids graduate high school. Enter the next phase of their life, whether that be college or work in search of their dreams. Many will fall short, settle for something less. Is this because our expectations are unrealistic? because the "real world" holds us back? because our bark is bigger than our bite? I have no idea.

I always like this song, if you can call it that. I think of it as William Shatner before Shatner. Take a listen, see if something resonates with you. I am betting it will. Below are a few that I enjoy.

Worry is as effective as solving an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.

do something every day that scares you.

your choices are half chance.

Dance. Even if you don't have anywhere to do it, do it in your living room.

Friends come and go, but a precious few hold on.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friends are like Teams

I was fortunate enough to go on the DC trip this year again with our 8th graders. It's great in so many ways. One of the highlights for me is to see our students in a different way. For one week I get to see students in their "real" way. Peel away the layers of red tape that are strapped on them at school and see them for who they are. The thing I realized this year is that some students have a great group of friends, they just go together. As I was realizing this about my group of boys this year we started watching the movie "The Sandlot". This started my down the road of thought that leads to this post. All groups of friends that are close work together like a team. In "the sandlot" those guys were a well oiled machine of a team. They were like the '95 Bulls that went 72-10. The best team of five guys that might have played together. I spend the next couple hours riding on that Lakefront bus thinking about how the '95 bulls are in every group of friends.

Every group of friends has a Michael Jordan. The leader. The person that the whole group gravitates to. When it's time for a decision to be made, each group has an MJ they all look to. This is the person that has it all going right. Think back to situations of good and bad in your group of friends, was there a person that always seem to have the calming effect and direct the group in a way? That's your MJ.

Every group has a Scottie Pippen. He is the MJ's right hand. He's the guy that always supports your MJ, yet challenges him. If for some reason MJ isn't around at that moment, your Pippen assumes the role of the group leader. Doesn't have the charisma or decision making skills your MJ has, but is looked to by the group as the quintessential sidekick.

Every group has a Steve Kerr. This is the guy that has one single profound trait he brings to the group. Steve Kerr could light up the 3 point line, just like your Steve Kerr of the group could be your funny man. Each group has the one guy that is the funniest bastard on the planet. Think about the guy that always cracked you up, always sacrificed his image for the humor of his buddies. That's your Steve Kerr. Maybe your Steve Kerr was the guy that could provide the Booze, or the first and only guy to have a car. No matter what his 3 point skill is, your Steve Kerr brings this to the group like no other.

Ok, every group does have a Dennis Rodman. That off the wall guy. Not the colored hair or crazy dress, but you're friend that is not like the rest of you, but fits in so well. That friend has a background that isn't like the rest of you, maybe comes from a broken home, is into drugs a little more than average guy, whatever it is, each group has that person that requires your MJ and Pippen to constantly stick up for him to the other MJ's.

Then there is Luc Longley. Think about that guy in your group that didn't bring much of anything substantial, but he's part of the group. He might be the guy you always pick on in your admiring way. It wouldn't be the same if he wasn't part of your group, that's why you let him hang around.

Think about your friends at any point and label them the MJ, Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, and Longley. I bet you can do it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Triple W

The White Women Workout. This is wrong on a lot of levels. But it's pretty freaking hilarious. Watch it all the way through.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bathroom towels

Let me preface this by saying I'm not ripping on anyone. In fact, this post will implicate myself, both set of parents, and pretty much every other family that owns a bathroom.

What's the deal with bathroom decoration towels? You know what I'm talking about. The towels that are hung on the towel rods in the bathroom that are matching colors and too pretty to be touched. It's just stupid. They're towels. They are meant to be used to dry your hands, dry your face, DRY anything. That would be like a drink coaster that you're not allowed to put a drink on because you might get a circle of water on it. The coaster is there for looks you might say, just as the bathroom decoration towels. Stupid. The rest of the towels in the world make fun of these towels. They're like the band members in school. The other towels scoff and say things like "look at you all dry.....and stuff" . These towels are never chosen. Like the kid in gym class picked last, these towels provide no real service to the world or a highly contested dodgeball game.

I personally would like to start using these towels everytime I run across them, not because I am defiant to the those that love HGTV style bathrooms, but because I feel bad for them. I am going to fulfill the dream of every decoration towel bought and hung. I will wipe my wet hands on them and saturate their very existence.

Don't even get me started on making your bed. Stupid.